Save with our cheap redemption loan

Do you currently have several loan liabilities with different financial institutions and are you having trouble keeping track of them? We think there is a solution to your problem.

With our flexible personal loan, you can redeem your current loans and combine them into a loan package. Thus, you not only reduce your interest liabilities but also the homemade management chaos is a thing of the past.

An installment loan means only one contact person

An installment loan means only one contact person

In addition to more favorable contractual terms, the simplified handling of existing liabilities when repaying the loan also plays a decisive role. As a rule, it is easier to negotiate with a single financial institution than with several old creditors, who have often already sent reminders.

With our flexible, affordable redemption loan, you not only combine several debts but also relieve your household budget. So you will save some money every month.

Use the savings potential

In Switzerland, high-interest payments are quite common in the lending business. If you are also affected, you should compare your existing loan and replace it if necessary.

If you are concerned about the change, your worries are unfounded – we will take care of the organizational process for you. The issue of “redeeming a loan” is a child’s play because neither grueling email traffic nor hours of phone calls will strain your nerves. All you have to do is apply for your online redemption loan and we will do everything else.

Reduce administrative effort

Reduce administrative effort

In addition to the favorable conditions, the advantages of a redemption loan include above all the reduction in the processing time that you have to spend to manage your finances.

If you also want to spend your free time with the beautiful things in life, you should collect your various liabilities in an effective installment loan. The procedure is very simple: You can use our loan calculator to calculate different loan options for your installment loan or place it online right away.

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